Stacy Rene

sing like honey

photo credit Annie Engman

photo credit Annie Engman

Stacy Rene Erenberg is an activist, healer, and socially conscious songstress who….

loves to Sing! She has been singing since she can remember talking. Vocal expression through music is her church. Since her 2006 Chicago Debut as front woman of 10 piece neo-soul band Vertikal, she has performed at legendary Chicago venues such as The Jazz Showcase, The Metro and The Park West. Stacy seamlessly blends improvisational and traditional genres with sultry sweet vocals that create an inventive interpretation of jazz, blues and folkloric music. Stacy Rene believes that storytelling through music can build community and heal. Stacy Rene’s original lyrics tell stories of love, struggle and resistance in movements for social change.

The masters tools will never dismantle the masters house
Audre Lorde



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